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   Intake Lists:  

   1st Intake 'ANZACS'

   5th Intake 'Buttercups'

   13th Intake 'Oysters'

   17th Intake 'Lizards'


Vale 2020

Sam Walker                        10th Intake, Rosebuds

Vale 2019

John Alldis                         5th Intake, Buttercups

Bill Brierly                          13th Intake, Oysters

Tony Reading                     17 th Intake, Radio

Roland (Zeke) Perry          11th Intake, Tadpoles

Frank Sankey                    13th Intake, Oysters

Jim Roche                         3rd Intake, Sunbeams and 4th Intake, Dewdrops

Roger Hoffmann               26th Intake, Radio

Bob (Boots) Callaghan     3rd Intake, Sunbeams

Kev Powles                       5th Intake, Buttercups

Don Moore                        1st Intake, Anzacs

Mick Starr                         5th Intake, Buttercups

Fred Romeyn                   19th Intake, Snails

Rob Flett                          22nd Intake, Antelopes

Mick Kinna                       11th Intake, Tadpoles

Rick Lovett                       20th Intake Radio

Frank J Morris                  5th Intake, Buttercups

Bob Doudle                      19th Intake, Snails

John E. Foyle                   5th Intake, Buttercups

Martin (Marty) Smith       20th Intake, Squirrels

Tony Wiffler                     13th Intake, Oysters

Mike Jackson                  17th Intake, Lizards

Frank Cooke                    16 Radio

Brian Cairns                     2nd Intake, Rainbows

Mick Dambergs               12th Intake, Wombats

Vale 2018

Russ Gamble                  3rd Intake, Sunbeams

Don Smith                       8th Intake, Mangoes

Rob Wilson                     13th Intake, Oysters and 14th Intake, Tulips

Norm Merrigan                20th Intake, Squirrels

Grahme Bastin                  9th Intake, Donuts

Les (Horrie) Simpson        8th Intake, Mangoes

Vic Williams                       9th Intake, Donuts

Peter Gerald Lachlan Mchugh      6th Intake, Pansies

Bruce Marr                         24th Intake, Radio

Ronald Paton                     31th Intake, Radio

Phil Martyn-Jones             10th Intake, Rosebuds

Donald (Don) Melvin          6th Intake, Pansies

Tony (Ned) Kelly                14th Intake, Tulips

Greg (Shorty) Duncombe  18th Intake, Leghorns 

Russ Tidd                          16th Intake, Arabs

Gordon Stocks                  16th Intake, Arabs

Gus Watson                       6th Intake, Pansies

Frank Winsor                     6th Intake, Pansies

Daryl Jazownik                  15th Intake, Beavers

Barry Challans                    4th Intake, Dewdrops

Rev Dr George Austin Mullins, RFD     1st Intake, ANZACS

Peter 'Slim' Williams           13th Intake, Oysters

Richard 'Stix' Chambers    14th Radio

John Smythe                       9th Radio

Kevin Beer                          10th Radio

Frank McAullay                  13th Intake, Oysters

Arthur 'Rob' Smith              15th Intake, Beavers


Vale 2017

Blue Barnett                       4th Intake, Dewdrops

Kevin Anfruns ​                  1st Intake, ANZACS

Kevin Kirk                          11th Intake, Tadpoles     

Ron McClelland                 19th Intake, Snails    

Fred Montefiore                 28th Intake, Scorpions

Mick Magner                      14th Intake, Tulips     

Roger Harrison                 13th Intake, Oysters     

Michael Sweetman            23rd Intake, Goannas     

Barry Redshaw                 10th Intake, Rosebuds

Kevin Webb Wagg            15th Intake, Beavers       

James 'Bob' Sutherland     6th Intake, Pansies

John 'Slaz' Spalding       14th Intake, Tulips

Jim Trewin                       25th Intake, Horses

Roy 'Sticks' Carlton        15th Intake, Beavers

Errol Brown                     10th Intake, Rosebuds  

Denis Louat                     11th Intake, Tadpoles

Chris Patterson               33rd Intake, Dodos

Denis Macneall                15th Intake Beavers

Dave Woodward              16th Intake, Arabs

Jack Reilly                        10th Intake, Rosebuds

Pete Ashley                       6th Intake, Pansies

Sam (Colin) Keehn           6th Intake, Pansies

Kevin (Bluey) Jeans         16th Intake, Arabs

Len Crottey                        6th Intake, Pansies

Bob Ireland                        17th Intake, Lizards

Col Bonnyman                   14th Intake, Tulips

Ken Wylie                            6th Intake, Pansies

Llew Robb                          15th Intake, Beavers

Barrie O'Callaghan            1st Intake, ANZACS                    

Cliff (Barney) Collett         1st Intake, ANZACS Click for Photos

Phil Thuel                           13th Intake, Oysters

Craig Wylie                        35th Intake, Rodents

Vale 2016

John Walters                       7th Intake, Daffodils

Ron Faux                           2nd Intake, Rainbows

Ivan Skipworth                  6th Intake, Pansies

Dennis 'Noisy' Rumball    2nd Intake, Rainbows 

Mick Butler                       13th Intake, Oysters

Colin Chapman                11th Intake, Tadpoles

Peter Waters                     20th Intake, Squirrels

Dave (Shorty) Harris        13th Intake, Oysters

Bluey Crisp                      1st Intake, ANZACS

Geoff Bucknell                13th Intake, Oysters

Mick Hatcher                   18th Intake, Leghorns

Keith Wilkinson               5th Intake, Buttercups

Nev Stead                         5th Intake, Buttercups

Andrew Binnington         19th Intake, Snails

Michael (Mike) Hodgkinson     6th Intake, Pansies

Stan Cooper                     1st Intake, ANZACS

Ray (Junior) Hartfield     10th Intake, Rosebuds

Kev Webber                     5th Intake, Buttercups

Michael (Blue) Lee          6th Intake, Pansies

Reg Hill                            5th Intake, Buttercups

Vale 2015

Derek Allan   (2015)             2nd Intake, Rainbows

Ian Bertram                         9th Intake, Doughnuts

Graeme Monkhouse          14th Intake, Tulips

Richard 'Dick' Green          17th Intake, Lizards

Ron Furze                           11th Intake, Tadpoles

Charlie Duncan                  11th Intake, Tadpoles

Noel Thompson                 6th Intake, Pansies

Kerry Dennis                     18th Intake, Leghorns

David ‘Bushy’ Trimble           4th Intake, Dewdrops

Brian Minchin                   13th Intake, Oysters

Mick Mutton                      17th Intake, Lizards

Guy Kidson                       3rd Intake, Sunbeams 

Ray (Butch) Ward             8th Intake, Mangoes

Ted Wallis                         6th Intake, Pansies

Arthur Clarke                   6th Intake, Pansies

Vale 2014

Nev Morris                  1st Intake, ANZACS

Rex Bolin                    11th Intake Tadpoles

Gordon Ruming          15th Intake Beavers

Keith Bosley                10th Intake Rosebuds

Bill Reid                        11th Intake Tadpoles

Ron Frost                      4th Intake Dewdrops

Terry Matthews (NZ)     17th Intake Lizards

Arthur Priest                  7th Intake, Daffodils

Vale 2013

Reg King                            4th Intake Dewdrops

Patrick 'Hooks' Malone     8th Intake Mangoes

Rob Gee                             14th Intake Tulips

Graham Peacock              15th Intake Beavers

John Sargent                    15th Intake Beavers

Vale 2012

John Moriarty         26th Intake Octopusses

Ian Ferguson          11th Intake Tadpoles

Norm Brown           14th Intake Tulips

Mal Lindsay            3rd Intake Sunbeams

Ray Stevenson      8th Intake Mangoes

Roy Downie            3rd Intake Sunbeams

Barry Tessier          25th Intake Horses



©2009 Blue Triangle Association